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Everyone Loves Elephants

"But people just didn't seem to know that much about them," - Debbie Ethell

That's how it started really. That's how it all began. As soon as we realized just how little people knew about the magic of elephants we realized that teaching was where we would begin. Our intuition told us that if people knew what WE knew, then they would be as passionate about saving this species as we were. 

And we were right!

in partnership with the 



Orphan Children's Project

In 2017 we partnered with the INZEKU (which means 'elephant') Orphan Children's Project to teach rural communities in Kenya about elephants.

INZEKU currently serves thirty-seven orphaned children. KOTA was asked to help by teaching about elephants in six schools.

First things First 


We Teach

Science tells the most incredibly story so we do what we do best ... we simply tell a great story.

We work in classrooms and teach to tiny humans and we make presentations to crowds large and small.

And now we book virtual presentations using Zoom.

Upcoming Projects

YouTube Channel

We are currently in the middle of filming our new YouTube channel. These will be a series of two-to-five minute videos that cover everything we can think of about the magic of elephants.

We have received our first round of funding and are actively working hard to raise the second. You can help us by making a donation. 



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