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Our average donation is $50 but you can help us achieve even more by increasing our goal!

Here’s how your donation stacks up:

    • We are implementing KOTA Foundation Lesson Plans into local schools in Oregon making sure that the next generation cares about elephants as much as we do. A donation of $50 provides enough materials to educate up to 10 students. Our goal is to replicate this grass-roots effort by bringing the program to the national level. Click here to learn more about KOTA Lesson Plans.
    • The KOTA Foundation is constantly out in the community educating everyone we can about all the ways in which we can support positive outcomes for the future of elephants.  We will travel far and wide to speak to anyone about elephants! Your donation helps us reach out to even more people.

Thank you for your generous support – We can’t do what we do without you!

Remember…what we cannot do alone we can do together

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