Debbie Ethell interviewed by Kara Mack on the set of "Afternoon Live"

Voices for the Animals Podcast

March 26, 2018


Debbie Ethell was a featured speaker at the International Free the Elephants Conference & Film Festival in April 2018. 

From the Voices for the Animals team:


"Hear about the amazing and mysterious ways of elephants, how they can hear for miles through their feet, and somehow perceive when one of their own has died, even though they are miles away at the time of the death."

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Debbie Ethell interviewed by FOZE Director Courtney Scott


By Victoria Borisch

March 10, 2020

KOTA’s mission is simple: to save Kenya’s wild elephants through education. Founder Debbie Ethell is on a mission to teach people, both in the USA and in Kenya, more about elephants, how important it is to keep them in the wild, and the true cost of the ivory trade. The resilience of elephants inspired Debbie during the most difficult times in her life. Now, she’s dedicated to helping save the species that has given her so much ...


Interview with Helen Raptis on

"AM Northwest"

June 9, 2016


The more Debbie Ethell learns about elephants the deeper she falls in love with them. Ethell has poured her life into an extraordinary effort to prevent elephants in the wild from becoming extinct ...

By Cliff Newell

Debbie Ethell has stories to tell. She has stories to tell about elephants. Ethell's book, "The Will of Heaven: An Inspiring True Story about Elephants, Alcoholism and Hope" is the true story of how she overcame a debilitating addiction to become a conservation research scientist, fulfilling her lifelong dream of working with wild elephants ...

By Barb Randall

With the help of the Rotary Club in Wilsonville, Ethell will present six schools in Kakamega, Kenya with hundreds of desks, as well as some school supplies ...

By Corey Buchanan

How well can any child, I don't care if they're here or in Kenya, learn about any subject, including elephants, if they have to sit on a muddy, wet floor ...

By Corey Buchanan

Interview with Kara Mack on 

"Afternoon Live"

October 10, 2019


Human beings are the reason that these animals are suffering and close to extinction, but we are the only ones who can save them. We have the collective power to save them -- but we must act now .

By Lisa Brisley