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What People are Saying:

“Debbie Ethell’s presentation was excellent and certainly opened my eyes to the many obstacles wild elephants have to overcome to avoid extinction. Her passion for her organization’s purpose comes through and you’re left wanting to do whatever it takes to help elephants any way you can!”– Phil Edmunds, Wilsonville Rotary Charter Member


AM Northwest “Saving Elephants”






Global March for Elephants & Rhinos in Portland, Oregon: Debbie Ethell, Keynote Speaker

“Our group clearly enjoyed Debbie Ethell’s presentation on the lives of wild African elephants. Her enthusiasm and passion on the subject were both educational and stimulating. I certainly came away with a greater appreciation of how complex, intelligent and compassionate wild elephants are.” -Michael Naughton, President of Central East Portland Rotary

“I certainly didn’t understand the extent of the harm we are doing to them (both intended and unintended) with the real possibility of extinction. They deserve better and we can do better. I am grateful that I know more now than I did before you spoke. Thank you for the heightened awareness concerning these glorious creatures.”                      -Glenn Austin, Member of Central East Portland Rotary Club


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