Consumer-to-Producer, or C2P, Kenyan Project

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We envision a world where all people in Kenya, even in the remotest areas, hold the power to create opportunity for themselves. We intend to help them do that because after all you can’t save the elephants if you don’t save the people.

We are using the help of local village leaders as well as Global Village Resourcesan organization that provides rural communities and underprivileged schools technological, educational and development resources. Together we are implementing sustainable programs that improve access to opportunity now and for future generations.

beekeepingWe are pairing the consumer with the producer by bringing industry into an impoverished area of Kenya. We will then sell the items on The KOTA Foundation for Elephants website thereby infusing money back into the communities who need it the most.

Organizations such as the Owens Foundation for Wildlife Conservation have implemented similar projects in Zambia with enormous success. Their goal, like ours, was to reduce elephant poaching in the North Luangwa National Park in Zambia. By teaching the community successful beekeeping they were able to produce and sell enough beeswax and honey to not only sustain the village but the surrounding areas as well. Elephant and wildlife poaching in the North Luangwa National Park virtually disappeared as a result.

How You Can Make a Difference

Every dollar counts! Our fundraising goal is only $8910. With this we can:

      • Build out our website to include a commerce site with appropriate protection ($4985)
      • Place our initial order of ($375)
      • Hire a local drop shipper to ensure order timliness and accuracy ($1200)
      • Packages and materials including design ($2350)

This will allow us to:

      • Infuse money directly into a local Kenyan community (previously identified) with high rates of elephant poaching. The identified communties have no other source of income other than poaching, so by purchasing the products they make we give them another option to support themselves
  • Tackle Level 1 and Level 2 poachers:

Level 1 poachers are the Spotters – These are local villagers who know how to track and spot the elephants to be killed.

Level 2 poachers are the Shooters – These are local villagers who drive out and kill the elephants Level 1 has identified.

Level 3 poachers are the Transporters who transport the ivory to a destination closer to the buyers (most of the time these are not local villagers).

Level 4 poachers are the Communicators who the Transporters deliver their ivory to. These men work closely with the kingpins of ivory and make the ultimate sale. Also typically non-locals.

Level 5 poachers are the Ring Leaders of the whole operation. These are usually leaders or highly organized crime syndicates and/or terrorist organizations.

Level 6 poachers are anyone and by that we mean anyone who buys and sells ivory because without buyers…the entire operation, (Level 1 through 5) fall apart.

      • Work closely with the local women of the village in order to provide the necessary support
      • Empower communities to become self-sustaining by providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge

Each donation of $50 brings us that much closer to our goal!

Here are some examples of the items that we are going to sell:


The “Angel of Hope” made out of sustainable banana fiber and sisal grass