Our mission is to save wild African Elephants

Silence No More


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Executive Director

My vision for The KOTA Foundation when I founded it in 2015 was to educate everyone I could about why elephants are so important, how their extinction directly impacts us, and what we can do to stop it.


The United States is #2 behind China in the illegal wildlife trafficking trade, which includes ivory. If we don't teach people why this is happening and what can be done to stop it then we have zero chance of saving wild elephants from extinction.

This is why KOTA partnered with INZEKU, an organization working in rural communities in Kenya, to educate about the importance of saving elephants to create sustainability in the survival of their communities.

It is my goal that we continue building a tolerant relationship so that humans and elephants may co-exist in peace. 

Please help us achieve the vision behind our name by making a donation and becoming a Keeper of the Ark.

For the elephants ...

— Debbie Ethell


The Will



An Inspiring True Story About Elephants, Alcoholism, and Hope

The Will of Heaven is the powerful true story of how one woman overcame a debilitating addiction -- rising from the courtrooms of her past to the grass plains of Kenya as a conservation research scientist. It was there she could finally fulfill her dream of working with wild elephants.

Written by the Executive Director of The KOTA Foundation for Elephants this is the first in a three-part series. Part biography, part revelation, this story will inspire others to reach further than they ever thought they could. Above all, it conveys a strong message of hope, both for the elephants fighting to survive poaching and for alcoholics fighting to survive addiction.

Available everywhere books are sold.

Audiobook now available on Audible and iTunes!



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